Setup Ubuntu for Web Development in One Command (and some config)

Jan 21, 2015 Ubuntu

I don't manage a ton of servers, but I've set up enough to get tired of going through the long process over and over. I wanted a better solution.

Most of my servers are hosted by Digital Ocean (which is a fantastic service), and they let you create images. This worked for me for awhile, but every once in awhile you need new software, and an image creates a point in time that an update to that software won't necessarily fix.

So I created Ripen – a one-command script that will install essentially anything you need. It's a little more involved than that, but it does get you up and running quickly.

Here's a quick reiteration of the usage section of the README.

First, make sure you are running as root.

$ sudo su -

This should switch you to the root home directory. Next, install and edit the config file.

$ wget
$ vim ripen.conf

I've added a handful of installation options. They are all relevant when I create a blank Digital Ocean droplet. But if I install Ubuntu Server on a machine at home, then I already have a lot of the items shown here. For example, I might change all of these items:


# -------------------------------------- User Account

# ...


# ...

# -------------------------------------- Bash Config

# ...


# ...


# -------------------------------------- PostgreSQL

# ...


# -------------------------------------- Swapfile

# ...


And, of course, don't forget to fill in the rest of the options for your specific configuration. This is just one example.

And, last, make sure you delete your config file - it contains plain text passwords.

$ rm ripen.conf

If you have changes or want options added, I am accepting pull requests, or you can create a feature request.

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