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Transition Between Database Adapters in Rails

May 25, 2015 Ruby on Rails

For whatever reason, you might just need to transition your Rails app's content from one database type to another (or even just to a new database with the same adapter). I've found that yaml_db does a great job helping you with this task.

The first thing to do is get yaml_db installed.


gem 'yaml_db'

Then bundle.

$ bundle install

To dump the data, just run the appropriate rake task.

$ bundle exec rake db:data:dump

Then, switch your database over to the new database. Note: If you're switching adapters, make sure you have the appropriate gem(s) installed.

You'll need to make sure your database is setup. If it isn't, then get on it!

$ bundle exec rake db:create
$ bundle exec rake db:migrate

And then you can bring the data into the new database.

$ bundle exec rake db:data:load

Nice and easy! Be sure to note that if you're doing this to move content, then you may need to go through additional steps to move any uploaded assets.


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